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Sports Massage


Sports massage will be given by a chartered physiotherapist with years of experience treating a range of sports people. It will aim to leave you feeling looser and identify and prevent any problem areas while giving you advice regarding how to achieve similar results at home

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Dry Needling


Dry Needling is the insertion of sterile single use Acupuncture needles directly into myofascial (muscular) trigger points. Trigger points are tight, tender knots within the muscle which cause and contribute to pain within the body.

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Pilates Classes


Pilates classes will be taught by a chartered physiotherapist with extensive training in stott pilates, and womens health and continence. Pilates is ideal for improving posture, improving or preventing neck pain, lower back pain and more.

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'As someone who has used Mullingar Physiotherapy for almost four years, I am certain that I have secured not just expert rehabilitation and recovery from their expertise, I have benefitted as well. In two words- 'Top class.'

Gerry Duffy

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