Yearly Archive November 6, 2014

Recovery after Pilates

Any one else feeling some muscle soreness after Pilates with the mini stability ball yesterday. 2 classes and I’m feeling it everywhere. Love it!!!


New Pilates Courses

PHEW!!!!! What a busy few days. 4 new courses of pilates up and running and numbers much stronger than I expected. Everyone getting themselves strong in the darker evenings. Big group of beginners last night and everyone grasped the basics really well, so will start building next week Wednesday morning class going to be small this set which means fun times with stability balls.





Time to get back to business feeling rejuvenated after midterm. So busy with marathon folk in the weeks coming up to big day. Late nights so with it when I heard how so many made the start and finish line. November will be busy with study. Upskilling in the area of continence management. An area I’m seeing great results in. Also have advanced matwork Pilates course. So fun times ahead!!!

You know where to find me pm here or call/text 0876629403

Late evening appointments facilitated


Incontinence and Osteoporosis

Read an interesting study this week linking incontinence and osteoporosis. I can totally imagine how women suffering from urinary incontinence would reduce their high impact activities and therefore put their bone health at risk. Urinary incontinence has a very high success rate when treated conservatively when monitored by a qualified physiotherapist. Please do not ignore this problem!!!
Also, hoping in the new year to get a “Pilates for the Older Person” up and running, this will be a daytime class and will be a gentle pace but will address bone health and pelvic floor strength. Suitable for men and women. More details to follow



Dublin City Marathon

Thinking of all my clients training for Dublin City Marathon. I hope all those niggles are a distant memory and you are bubbling full of energy during this final week. Please note if you have any final worries or concerns that you need to see me about please contact me early this week as there is a chance I will have no appointments after lunchtime thursday. Could facilitate email/text or phone discussion after that though.


New Equipment

Wohoo, new equipment finally arrived. Think I’ll add some toning balls to tomorrow’s work out.



Beginner’s Pilates Classes

Also, just looking for interest in a beginner class???????????? No day or time yet but can facilitate in enough interest out there. Otherwise, next absolute beginner class will commence in January. We’ll all be working off the badness then ;-p


Pilates Classes

Still firming up what space will be available in pilates classes starting Monday Nov 3rd. There will definitely be at least 2 spaces in the 7.30 class. As most people continuing with the class the level will be improving. This is ideal for people returning to pilates after a break or for people who have some familiarity with basics. Text/call 0876629403 or pm here if interested.